PCG makes business with the government EASY and PROFITABLE. Here's how:

- Proven strategies for contract maintenance and profit growth

- One-on-one support from a personal contract manager

- Clear boundaries and next steps during crisis mitigation

- Immediate access to leading competitive insights

Our clients trust us because we offer a richer perspective than other consultants can provide. Learn how our unparalleled expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge comes to life in our services.

Fast. Accurate. Effective.

With over 80 years of cumulative experience in government contracting and compliance, we are the unmatched experts. Our wisdom and best-in-class service is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. The PCG team provides expertise with a personal touch.

Personalized Service

Our team prides itself on going the extra mile. We are personally invested in designing the solutions that our clients need. We place great value on fostering integrity at the top of organizations, and expect no less from ourselves. Our services are the best in this industry.


"PCG makes it feel easy to be compliant. They are as friendly as they are clinical."
- Steve, Contracting Manager

"Point Compliance Group is my go-to resource for compliance emergencies."
- Dan, VP of Contracting


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